As one of the tens of thousands of AUB alumni who live and work around the world, you are a member of the Worldwide Alumni Association of AUB (WAAAUB). WAAAUB was established to strengthen the ties between AUB and its alumni and to engage alumni in supporting and advancing the University.

We’ve grown a lot since our first elections in 2007 and we keep adding programs, events, and benefits all the time. Take time to explore all that your alumni association has to offer you and check back with us to see what’s new.

WAAAUB Mission Statement

The mission of WAAAUB shall be to strengthen the ties between the American University of Beirut and all its alumni to engage all alumni in supporting the goals and the educational, research, and service mission of the University. WAAAUB shall foster the educational, career, and social interests if the University’s alumni and shall work to preserve and promote the rich heritage and values of the University.